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JBrennon Construction is a privately owned, Veteran operated, 8(a) certified Native American Indian, Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) with over 40 years of construction experience.  Based out of Marietta, GA, they provide general contracting services in the mid-western and southeastern U.S. governmental and private marketplaces across a variety of building sectors and for a host of national retail clients and leasing agencies.  Founded in 2006, the Company possesses an extensive history and knowledge of design/build and renovation of office buildings, commercial / government interiors, industrial, retail, and site work projects.  Directly involved in over 1500+ projects, JBrennon’s owner has performed ground-up government and private build-outs; distribution center, multi-story office, medical facility, and manufacturing renovations; and national retail “big box” space divisions.  His partner and son, Chief of Operations and Business Development, is a Reserve Marine Corps Major with a wealth of program, project management, and systems design and implementation experience across both the private and public industries.  Additionally, JBrennon possesses Federal government security clearances and can obtain access to a variety of installations for prime or sub-contract work with ease.  Their traditional approach to business and modern methods set them apart from the competition.  JBrennon raises expectations, sets the gold standard, and delivers on their promises.

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The full spectrum package, design-build offers our clients the ability to hand over complete control of design and construction of their project to one entity, thereby reducing total construction costs and time spent arriving at project execution and completion dates.  Working under a single contract, we collect clients’ requirements, review them, make suggestions, and translate them into an integrated, value-based scope of work that they and our group of architects, engineers, and sub-contractors can understand and execute without confusion. 

Competitive Bid

We offer detailed estimates based upon plans and specifications presented by the client, assessing the site location when necessary.  Formulating an expected cost summary based upon materials, equipment, and labor, the proposal will also outline a notional timeline from beginning to end and include an extensive, line item scope of work.  Utilizing only the most qualified subcontractors and in-house personnel, JBrennon’s bids reflect the industry standard or better, delivering high-quality analysis of project scopes and the required resources to mitigate against change orders.


A new offering, we can review clients’ contractor bids and ensure a full scope of work is captured based upon the plans and specifications for delivery.  Some of our clients utilize this service to formulate future budgets, guard against emergent requirements, reconcile pricing with unknown, out-of-town contractors, and protect themselves against general price gouging in the industry.  While we would love the opportunity to bid all clients’ work, our consulting services offer clients with preferred contractors a sanity check before signing a contract.  


Brennon Smith, Sr.


Owner and Chief Estimator, Brennon Smith, Sr., boasts 18+ years, direct field-site construction supervision and 23+ years of design-build delivery, estimation, property acquisition & development, property management and maintenance, leasing, and construction management experience.  Brennon has led ground-up projects for Home Depot and other major national retailers, supervised time and environmentally sensitive interior build-outs, and responded to a host of emergency renovation and repair calls over the years.  Before owning his own business, he was a top superintendent for a Georgia 100 company which eventually earned him a direct hire position as VP of his sister company’s property division.  He has won Build GA awards and continues to remain the “go-to” Contractor for leasing agencies he’s known for decades.  Brennon is a people person, problem solver, and indispensable to JBrennon’s values-based organizational success.

Brennon (Brent) Smith, Jr.


Chief of Operations and Business Development, Brent Smith, Jr. is a hard-charging, Reserve Marine Corps Major with 13+ years of corporate and Federal government work experience.  He has exercised a diverse array of service component and multi-national responsibilities across three continents, directed and synchronized senior level staffs at the three-star General level, planned multiple executive level events upwards of $500k each, handled foreign dignitaries and US delegations, written policy affecting hundreds of service members, liaised with Contract officers and requirements developers, and earned top certifications and awards for process, database, and systems design & improvement.  Brent’s commitment to kaizen, or continuous self-improvement, ensures the business remains malleable for change. His unique blend of skill-sets, communication abilities, intensity, and technological know-how put JBrennon light-years ahead of the competition.

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JBrennon Construction practices its trade honestly, fairly, and with the highest respect for its clients, workforce, and reputation.  Its staff is high throughput, efficient, tenacious, responsive, and follows through. JBrennon takes pride in communicating clearly, concisely, and quickly across the spectrum of operations and pays attention to the details.  Core to its values is “leadership by example,” managing business practice expectations across the board before a job even begins, from the highest to lowest levels.  With an eye toward safety, JBrennon delivers top-quality projects balancing resources and time against client needs.  JBrennon takes its job seriously, speaks candidly, and holds itself and others accountable at all times.  Its team is dependable and reliable, committed to building trust and long-lasting relationships.

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